Here Are 4 Tips On How To Read People Like a Book


People’s ability to read is a precious thing, it is a key of successful communication. There are always the signals that a person sends to you through their behavior that will show you how to read people like a book and the only thing you need to know is where to look for them.

How to read people like a book #1 Define the character of the person

The most powerful person is not always the one sitting on the top of the table. A self-confident person usually has a strong voice (do not mix it with loud). Often the leaders of some groups are weak people who depend greatly on others. Try to figure out who has a strongest character in a particular group of people and your chances of success when reading them will grow.

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2. Observe their walking

If a person looks into their feet while walking, this is a sign of lack of confidence. If you notice such behavior in some people in the group, give a compliment to such a person in order to gain her/his trust. Or ask her/him a direct question about something you wish to know about them.


3. Beware of Illusions

For example, have you noticed that some of the people you know have the habit of coughing when they are nervous? Does this mean that they conceal something more than we seem to see at first glance?


4. Identify the Basics of Personality

Each one of us has a unique personality, but there are some basic questions that enable us to ‘read’ the basic characteristics of an individual’s personality. If you wish to learn how to read people like a book you need to understand this concept

How To Read People Like a Book

Is this person introverted or extroverted? Are interactions with others a starting point and motivation for his actions? How does a person carry a risk and uncertainty? What fed their ego? How do you behave in stressful situations? Keep in mind that you need time to ‘read’ other people. And of course, remember that every rule has an exception.But if you stick to these rules, you can perfect the skill of observation and increase the ability to understand people and communicate better with others.



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