Handcrafted Botanical Jewelry Contains Nature Fragments Enclosed in Resin


handmade botanical jewelry 1

Every time certain artist showcase their masterpiece, we can’t help but  wonder and be in awe of such creativity they attributed and the dedication they have in their artworks. Using their creative energy and their passionate desire to express themselves in their arts, they never cease and get tired, instead, they become more inspired to do greater when their artworks are appreciated and recognized.

Sarah Smith who is also known as ModernFlowerChild, is an artist from Coos Bay, Oregon who handcrafted these pretty astonishing botanical jewelry using the genuine nature fragments firmly implanted and enclosed in a clear translucent resin. Each embellishment is completely personalized which enables you to bring a part of nature’s beauty wherever you go. Smith has the array of jewelries that suits everyone’s discriminating style,  from earrings to pendants, and even to bangles.

These pieces of art are exclusively handmade starting from the layout and design to the preparation of resin, hardening and molding. This whole task is basically taking a lot of time to be completed. Each jewelry can be completed in not less than 3 weeks, but the outcome is definitely impressive and adorable, exquisite ornament. The artist has a very sensitive sense of  delight to nature that she adopted it in these artworks–from the brown and green colored to flowery, each one is distinctive with the touch of nature such as flowers, leaves and bark of trees.

Sarah Smith’s nature collection is available for purchase through her Etsy shop.

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Source: MyModernMet