Grow Your Inner Millionaire

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Who wants to be a millionaire? Most of us! We don’t know about you but we often feel like there is a rich, successful, multi-millionaire inside of us just waiting to break out. How do we get this inner millionaire to grow and flourish?

You have probably jumped to a range of books, guides, sites or even people who claim they have a winning strategy and can make you a millionaire in just a couple of seconds. The fact is, they would be millionaires themselves if managed to choose the right strategy and pick their winning numbers accordingly. Be smart and use your logic – if really so wealthy, they wouldn’t have to work nothing for the rest of their life.

Lottery is more a game of luck than a game of skills and repetition and trying are absolutely necessary if you plan to win something. Nevertheless, winning a lottery is not impossible – we have more than a few examples of people who actually did it – and you definitely need to learn some basics how to win the lottery.

So, where do you start?

Reset your mind – visualise being rich!

You get it set into your mind that as much as you want it, you are never going to be a millionaire. You end up stuck in a rut and living in that money comfort zone for the rest of your life. That’s not the way to go. To become a millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire. You need to visualise yourself having that sort of money – use your imagination! Don’t sit there and imagine spending it (although that is a lovely daydream we regularly indulge in!). Instead, imagine yourself saving it, and investing it wisely, and watching that money grow. Practise thinking rich!

Find a Mentor or Role Model

Find someone whose success and wealth you admire and want to emulate. You do not need to know them personally – although it is a bonus if you do – and find out the secrets and story behind their success. Find out what drives them and what motivates them. Find out who inspired them and how they have dealt with and managed their success and their money. Take note, and do it yourself! You can learn from your friend who scored a lottery win, or read a successful story of celebrities such as Ben Affleck who actually won a couple of times playing lottery and online casino as well. Also, common people such as new millionaire from Cornwall, England as well as a woman who won £1.7 million but continued being a dinner lady can serve as good role models. The first one is a good example of consistency by playing same numbers since his very first lotto ticket, and the other one is how to behave when score such a massive amount of money.

See the Opportunity in Everything

Have you ever laid in bed at night at mulled over a situation from earlier on in that day? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but to become rich and to become successful you need to keep your eyes, your ears and your brain open and see the opportunity in every occasion and in every event. There are opportunities in every conversation, argument and discussion. The key to success and becoming a millionaire is there somewhere – make sure that you do not miss it!

Use proven money making tools

Earning your way to success is a long process. Whilst you are working on this, there is no harm in trying your luck on a lottery! Those who are focused on becoming a millionaire can tap into useful resources such as Lotto Signals, a website that works well with the executive part of the brain by encouraging thoughts and ideas to train to think about techniques of playing the lottery effectively. They do not want you to waste your hard earned money, so work out the best lotteries for you to play. These are based on algorithms which are calculated on a basis of real time information – what the odds of winning are, what the jackpots are and so on, making it much, much easier for you to choose the right lottery and be in with a chance of winning.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Success

You have much more power over your life and your position than you think. Of course, there are certain things in life that we have absolutely no control over, and I am not talking about those things. What I am talking about is the things we can exercise control over. If you are unhappy with your job, your lifestyle, your relationships, your financial situation, take responsibility for it and do something about it! You may not be to blame for anything negative in your life, but you are responsible and you are in charge of dealing with it and making changes to improve it. Sometimes it is not possible to completely change your situation, but it is always possible to change your attitude towards it. Be pro active and be responsible!

Be an optimist and do not give up!

If you are someone who always sees the cup as half empty, that inner millionaire is never going to grow. It’s going to lurk inside forever. People who are rich and people who are successful have an incredible sense of optimism and an insatiable need to win in all areas of their lives. When something or someone tries to get in their way, do they let it deter them? Hell no! They step right over that barrier and use it push themselves harder and further. No one got to the top of the Forbes list by being a pessimist.

To find a person with a negative answer on “would you like to be a millionaire” question is maybe trickier than score a major jackpot at the lottery. Still, becoming a millionaire is far from easy and you should do your best to learn a couple of basic things that will certainly help you achieve your dreams. Good luck!


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