This Is Officially The Greatest Prank Ever , Watch How They Scare The Life Out Of People


Think about the most scary thing you ever saw in your life , now multiply it by a thousand , that’s how scary this prank is ! the guys at SA Wardega have done it again with a brutal prank , this time they dressed a cute puppy as a giant mutant spider and then released it in a variety of public places, sounds terrifying ? IT IS ! you will lose sleep after watching this video. how would you react if you were in their shoes? think about it 

This is the star of the prank, Chica the dog spider – who has its own facebook fan page now 

giant spider dog prank

 Imagine seeing something like this when you’re on the street at night 

giant spider dog prank

 Now imagine it running towards you 

giant spider dog prank

Source: Lostateminor