This Is How Parenting Really Looks Like, The Mommy Diary


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Parenthood is a very tough job to do, but it is very rewarding. Too many people don’t understand the essence of being a parent to a child. It’s easy becoming a mother or a father, but being a parent is a decision and a lifetime commitment, putting your whole life into it without complaining and murmuring.

The Images below show a doodle diary of a new parent that perfectly describe the unwavering  to take care of her child no matter how she looks, feels or want.

This mom right here managed to draw every day about the actual events she’d experienced raising her child from birth to infant. It’s like a hobby for her to simply grab a pencil and record every event.

According to her, the first year was exciting, challenging, and tough. Based on her doodles, she didn’t want to forget the experience she had day by day, so she resolved to drawing it and especially the developmental stages of her baby. She took the time to scribbled while her baby is asleep. By the time her baby reached her first year, she realized that her drawings have piled up. So she decided to publish them online because she believed that there are a lot of lessons to learn from her doodles.

Take at a look at the images below and if you like you can purchase her doodle book on Amazon


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Source: Imgur | Boredpanda