What Is The Cutest Pet In The World? A Domesticated Fox Named Rylai


So, you think your cat is cute? Meet Rylai, this tiny little domesticated fox is the redefining cute and already won thousands of followers around the web and Instagram, and oh yeah, she’s not even six months old.

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Rylai is not an arctic fox like you may think from her appearance, she is actually a red fox ( Vulpes vulpes ) and she’s white because of a color variation that is called white marble, this only happens in captivity. Rylai gets treated just like a family’s dog and she is pretty spoiled, she is even housetrained. Now before you go run and adopt a fox please just don’t forget about one little thing that comes with all foxes, that musk smell. Rylai’s owner says ” Currently, Rylai’s musk is very mild smelling. As she matures, her musk may become stronger. This is something I knew before i got a fox and i am okay with it. I keep her well groomed and her litter-box is always tidy but I also accept and understand that the foxy musk is a part of her ”

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