The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This DIY Falkor Doll


Here’s a blast to the past: Falkor, from “The Neverending Story” has made a reappearance. Some of you may remember the dog-like dragon being rode on magically – if not a little spookily.

Falkor Doll 1

The Etsy shop GameGuardians has created the magical “luck” dragon, that is available to every nostalgic 80s/90s kid. Unfortunately you cannot actually fly on the dragon, but you can look at it, wrap it around your shoulders, and pet behind its ears. Falkor is about 4 feet long, has 3 different types and textures of fur, and has hand-painted eyes.

Falkor Doll 2

The shop has been overwhelmed with orders for the luck dragon. Laura Hosler is the owner of the Etsy shop and was quoted as saying, “Wow the response to my Falkor has been overwhelming! I’ve had 1,500 people contact me wanting to buy one and, well, the waiting list would be years. I can’t answer all the messages.”

Falkor Doll 3

Instead of continuing to extend her waitlist, Hosler is doing a huge deal for the craftier of folks. Hosler has decided to put the pattern of the Falkor doll on her page, for the bargain price of $14.

Enjoy, Neverending Fans!

Falkor Doll 4
Source: Huffingtonpost



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