Strangers’ Darkest Secrets Revealed To Train Passengers In England


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Commuters and travelers in the Brighton Train Station in England will see a spectacle of anonymous thoughts and confessions of strangers revealing their darkest secrets on ‘The Waiting Wall’ , the modern day version of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. This was inspired from the author and philosopher Alain de Botton who wrote his 2012 book, Religion for Atheist which proposes that random strangers can broadcast their deepest and darkest thoughts and secrets in public and city’s advertising walls.

Random strangers’ darkest secrets shared their messages in The Waiting Wall website (here) which may include late night confession about a best friend and the boyfriend, or getting tired about life, regrets about relationship, or not being contented with everything a person has. Somehow, strangers who shared these thoughts find comfort and sympathy in the fact that they are not alone in their secret world. Whatever message it may be, people my relate or somehow think of their own lives as well and do some self-evaluation if possible. Some may be inspired or blessed with it.

The Waiting Wail was designed by Steven Parker, designer and technologist, and Alan Donohoe, musician and software developer of Free the Trees for the Brighton Digital festival this year.

‘There are lot about regret, death, relationships, depression. Others are lighter. That’s fine. We want people to use it anyway they want. We just built the initial framework really and now it’s turned into a participatory piece of digital art. It’s the most amazing thing we’ve ever been involved in’.

‘Some are so upsetting, we can’t really take them in, the designers declared in a recent interview with Mashable.

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Source: Lostateminor