Awesome Dad Spends 18 Months Transforming Daughter’s Bedroom Into a Fairytale Treehouse


What little girl doesn’t want a real life Fairy Tree in their room? I know I did. One lucky daughter had that dream come true. Reddit user (and dad of the year) Radamshome should be an inspiration to all dads.

Fairytale Treehouse 1

This wonderful, dedicated father spent 350 hours over an 18 month span to create this divine fairytale. He dropped a total of $4,250 on this project, and his only fear is that when his daughter turns 13, she will want it gone.

Fairytale Treehouse 2

Remember when I called him dedicated? Radamshome is an artist in the video game industry, and started his project with a concept drawing and a scale model. He even took private welding courses to make sure the tree’s skeleton could hold soundly.

Fairytale Treehouse 3

After 120 hours, the skeleton was finally complete and was followed by an upwards of 50 hours to apply the wire skin.

Fairytale Treehouse 4

The super-dad created a mix of cement for the tree trunk, and used paper-mache for the branches. He created an illusion of stars by weaving Christmas lights through branches.

Fairytale Treehouse 5

The tree is so strong that it can actually hold up to 3 adults.

Fairytale Treehouse 6

That’s an impressive dad.

dad Fairytales Treehouse 7

dad Fairytales Treehouse 8

dad Fairytales Treehouse 9

dad Fairytales Treehouse 10

Fairytale Treehouse 11

Fairytale Treehouse 12
Source: Boredpanda



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