Cop Saves Tiny Terrified Sloth Stuck On A Highway


A simple act like crossing a road is not simple at all for some animals. This adorable sloth tried crossing a busy road in Quevedo, central Ecuador, but in the middle of the road something happened and it might got scared and stopped and just hold on to the first things he saw and waited for help. That’s where the local police steps in to save the day! This little guy managed to gain many fans on social media who were glad to see this whole experience ended well. Lucky for us, the police documented this story and posted it on social media. But the real question still remains, why did the sloth tried to cross the road?

The cops found the sloth scared and holding to a post for dear life…

cute sloth 1


But a closer look revealed the sloth is not that worried about it…

cute sloth 2

The little guy was cooperative…

cute sloth 3

cute sloth 4

cute sloth 5

Source: Boredpanda