The Coldest Place On Earth Is a Tiny Russian Town Called Oymyakon Where Temperatures Drop To -58 Fahrenheit

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I wish I saw these pictures two weeks ago when the heating season didn’t start yet, but temperatures got pretty low. I think I would feel much warmer and cosy in my cold apartment after going through this gallery that brings you winter chills of high intensity.

Photographer Amos Chapple from New Zealand decided to visit the coldest place on Earth. It is a small town located in the Siberian tundra where temperatures can go as low as -90 degrees Fahrenheit! In this Russian town of Oymyakon average temperature during the winter is -58 degrees Fahrenheit and when Chapple arrived he was welcomed with −47  degrees Celsius (−52 degrees Fahrenheit). Just imagine that! He spent two days in this town, making amazing photographs of this series and quickly learned just how painful the plunging temperatures can be.

It’s no wonder that only 500 people are living in this Russian village. Check out in the gallery some of this brave men and women along with specific sights and phenomena characteristic for coldest inhabited town in the world.

The coldest inhabited place on Earth is a small village in the Siberian tundra called Oymyakon.

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The population of the coldest place on earth is only five hundred people. No wonder!

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It is two-day drive far from the coldest major city Yakutsk.

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A real life Elsa(Frozen)?

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Pooch half-turned to a snowman.

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Amos Chapple: “I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into −47 degrees Celsius (−52 degrees Fahrenheit).

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I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs,” said the photographer

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21 hours by car and about 577 miles between Oymyakon and nearest city.

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Residents of Oymyakon live off a diet of primarily meat due to the fact produce are unable to survive in the freezing temperatures.

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Plumbing is not an option in the frozen ground, so bathrooms are out of houses.

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Garages need to be heated to prevent damages on viacles that are not in the run.

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This photo sums up the experience, perfectly.

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