Cleverly Escape for Writers: Cloistered Timber Huts on Stilts


secluded timber cabin 1

Writers are characterized for their creativity and amazing imagination and they are also able to write even in the midst of a chaotic ambiance using their observation on things that are happening right in front of them. But sometimes, writers have to go away from the busy and clamor surroundings and get a little escape from the world and concentrate on their piece. Going on a getaway or a vacation is a bit of a good thought to put into order some cluttered pieces of idea they have for a long time.  Nozomi Nakabayashi, an architect who was inspired by the idea, whose client is a writer,  and  designed and built  The Hut on Stilts, a type of clever escape from the bustling world. Nakabayashi designed the eight-square-meter hut that stands on a 4-meter stilts above the ground in the cloistered forestland in Dorset, England.

Nakabayashi’s structure of timber is divided into two levels and recovered telegraph poles were used as its stilts. The interior design includes a few basic things necessary for a house like a desk for writing, a bed coverted underneath the floorboards, and a wood-burning stove. The hut is only designed for a an overnight stay because of its moderate numbers of furniture/fixtures for its guest to be perfectly rested and have an uninterrupted sleep. This can also be a great place for a creative mind — a starry night sky, animals in the wildlife, and a lake near the hut could be a great cause to be inspired.

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