Amazing Portraits Of a Chef Wearing His Menu Ingredients Gets Us As Close To a Chef’s Mind As Possible

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This is a new and a little bit creepy but awesome way of art. Photographer Robert Harrison and chef Robbie Postma teamed up to create a new portrait series called MENU. In the series they combine food with portrait photography where the chef is wearing his menu ingredients all over his face.

For those who don’t know, Postma is the chef of the Cafeteria at the Dutch Advertising agency J. Walter Thompson in Amsterdam. When they planned this photo series they broke down the menu items done by the chef to their base ingredients, after that they spent hours carefully placing them onto Postma’s face. The full project tool over a year to complete because a single shot could take up to nine hours of prep work.

” MENU is what happens when food meets photography on the dark side. Served on the closest place you can get to the chef’s mind, his face. The result speaks for itself ” Every piece of food you see on the photos, from the smallest rice to a big chunk of fish was added by hand, there are no digital manipulations used for this series, MENU is hand crafted, just like the best food. More info: behance

Vegetables: Some carrots, radish and courgette

chef wearing food portraits 2 (1)


Seafood: Octopus ink, lobster, mussels, mackerel skin, octopus suckles, sea urchin and razor clams

chef wearing food portraits 3 (1)

Coffee: Coffee beans – lots of them

chef wearing food portraits 4 (1)

Sweets: White chocolate, dark chocolate and raspberries

chef wearing food portraits 5 (1)

Starch: Black rice, white rice, yellow peas, borlotti beans, quinoa and wheat

chef wearing food portraits 6 (1)


Spices: Vanilla, Rock salt, star anise, coriander seeds, nutmeg, mace, white pepper, red peppers, cardamom, cinnamon and curry powder

chef wearing food portraits 7 (1)

Meat: Charcoal, smoke and aged prime rib

chef wearing food portraits 8 (1)

Wine: Glass and red wine

chef wearing food portraits 10 (1)

It took over a year to complete this photo series

chef wearing food portraits 11 (1)


It took hours to prepare every shot, carefully placing each ingredient by hand on the chef’s face

chef wearing food portraits 12 (1)

Here are the photographer Robert Harrison ( left ) and chef Robbie Postma

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H/T: Petapixel