Cozy Cat Pouch Hoodie For Your Cat – Let The Snuggling Begin

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Whether you own a cat or not, you are probably aware of how adorable they are. Cats are awesome for many reasons and people all around the globe love and care for them. Taking a cat with you anywhere can be a really hard thing to do, especially if you are a person who dislikes putting your cat in a cage. Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie came up with this awesome idea and they created a cat pouch hoodie which has a pouch for your cat! You will now freely take your cat with you in a park, read a book and enjoy the nature, all together.

Multi-purpose cat pouch hoodie without sleeves with a very comfortable cat pouch for your cat. Who would not want to have this?


Video of the creative pouch hoodie:

Made out of 100% breathable cotton and a pouch with a capacity of 15 pounds, great for your cat and yourself.

Extremely comfortable snuggling with your cat thanks to a snag-free pouch, get ready for a whole new snuggling experience.

Pom-poms for your cat so he/she can play on the go, super cute and fun! Even you will like them, no wonder why.


Available in a long sleeve hoodie too, in case it is a little bit too cold. The Long sleeve cat pouch hoodie version guarantees a very cozy and entertaining moments with your cat.

See how amazing it is to own a hoodie like this, it will improve the friendship with your cat and make you super cozy. It is a win win combination no matter how you look at it.

Read a book while your cat is snuggling with you

Just hug each other like the love pairs you know you are

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What more could you ask for a Sunday afternoon?

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Small dogs are also welcome to use the hoodie pouch, if they can fit, they sit

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Would you like to own a cat pouch hoodie like this? Do you maybe own a hoodie like this? Do you think your cat would love if you had this hoodie? More info: Unihabitat | Facebook

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