Best Places To Travel In The Summer Months

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You might have thought that it is nearly impossible to find a way to go away from the crowds, business and other things that bother you and you need rest from. Forget that, it is the time for you to enjoy and rest yourself properly! There is no better way to remember and enjoy your time than picking the best place you could go to as soon as the summer warms up – we bring you the best places you should visit in the summer months!

Lake Como Italy

Set against the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como in Italy is something you really should go visit, the beautiful scenery, entertainment and great service 24/7, several hotels and restaurants, Villas – all these things and a lot more can be found and experienced right here. Lake Como is also the third largest lake in Italy which makes it a great choice for a great traveling experience.



Louisville, Kentucky

The Kentucky Derby which starts in May surely makes a good reason for a visit in Kentucky. The derby attracts people from all over the world, spectators who watch and enjoy the races creating the most amazing atmosphere. In case you are unlucky with the tickets, Kentucky also has other things to offer such as: restaurants, hotels, lovely details and scenery, a great night out.


Canggu, Bali

If you are a real sun worshipper, you will know why Canggu is a great choice. Surfers often pick Canggu as their favorite location, due to amazing surfing experience and a great view. Canggu in Bali also offers various kinds of entertainment, from tasting different yet delicious spices and meals, to a great night entertainment and culture itself.


Lille, France

One hour from Paris, you will find this charming little town named Lille – Lille is one of the most popular art destinations at the moment which makes it worth a visit. If you are having a trouble picking a place where to stay, check out the Clarance Hôtel Lille, which is a former mansion with rooms named after Baudelaire poems.

Square with a plane, Lille, France

Shanghai, China

Found on the China’s central coast, Shanghai is the biggest China’s city, it is also a global financial hub. Shanghai keeps on growing and expanding its restaurants, bars, shopping centers, hotels and a lot more! During the summer breaks, Shanghai offers a truly memorable events such as Shanghai Disney Resort in June.




A small European island with a lot of beauty and spirit. If you are all about peace, quiet, culture, art and history, Malta will really leave you breathless. During the summer months, Malta is known for its Corinthia Palace a place for touring the medieval town, ancient temples, vineyards and of course beaches!


Have you visited any of the places listed above? Would you like to see more traveling ideas? Which place would you like to visit the most?

Source: Travelandleisure

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