Best Beaches In Cuba You Need To Visit

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Everyone likes to visit and relax on the beach, especially if it is in Cuba – If you like vintage car filled streets, sun-drenched coastline, warm weather and turquoise water this might be the perfect destination for you to visit! Cuba has amazing beaches, that is a fact! We bring you truly the best beaches in Cuba!

1. Veradero Beach – top beaches of Cuba

Varadero Beach is the most popular beach in Cuba, it stretches more than 12 miles and along the way you can find various all-inclusive resorts. If you like exploring, Varadero Beach offers other interesting things aside of aerobic classes, dance lessons and various games – there are natural attractions, sea caves and coral reefs which will make your experience even more amazing!

Veradero Beach - best beaches in cuba


2. Playa Ancón

A long beautiful sand beach that is surrounded with lovely palms and atmosphere – very close to the Spanish colonial town Trinidad where the buildings and cobblestone streets have been preserved since 1800s. Playa Ancón is also known for coral rocks, which are a great thing if you wish to scavenge for conch shells. Is this the best beach in cuba? Maybe

Playa Ancón - top beaches in Cuba

3. Cayos Coco and Guillermo

If you are into kayaking, sailing or windsurfing, Cayos Coco and Guillermo will be a perfect place to have fun and forget about all the problems. This is also an ideal beach for families with children due to the shallow water.

Cayos Coco and Guillermo - great Cuban beaches

4. Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca literally means ‘guard the cow’ – the reason behind is quite simple, this used to be cattle-rearing rural village. Right now this is an awesome spot for those who prefer hot spot for sun, a lovely beach and Cuban culture meanwhile the music plays along the beach line.

Guardalavaca - awesome beaches in Cuba

5. Playa Sirena – best beaches in cuba?

Playa Sirena can be found at the western end of Cayo Largo. If you are bored of all the hotels this might be the perfect beach for you considering there are no hotels along the shore. There is also a Dolphin park where you can experience how it is to actually be close and swim with the dolphins!

Playa Sirena - best beaches in cuba

Which of the beaches listed above seem to be the best beaches in cuba and the best choice for you and your family? Will you visit any of these?

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