Artists Pay Homage To The Legendary Carrie Fisher

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2016 is leaving and it’s carrying with it a whole collage of great legends leaving us sad and speechless. So many dear names have left us during this year that it looks like a great spectacle is planned to be performed at the heavens. A spectacular play with great actors and supreme music, a show that has never been seen here on Earth and belongs to the heaven exclusively. This year took one more dear name with it just before its end – Carrie Fisher to join the great heaven assemble. The beloved Princess Leia, the actor, author, and mental health advocate died 60 years young on December 27 after suffering a heart attack.

Even though people know her best for her role in the Star wars franchise, her life itself will continue to inspire many people, especially those who are in need to fight for adversity. She spoke openly about her mental issues, pointed out double standards women faced in Hollywood and empowered many people to stand up for themselves. So, it’s no wonder her fans are in such grief after they learned the sad news.

Strong emotions are not easy to handle and the best way to deal with them is to channel them through artwork. Fine artists and illustrators have paid homage to Carrie Fisher through Princess Leia character to say goodbye forever. In the gallery below you can see numerous works of talented artists paying tribute to a legend – Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher homage (1)

Image credit: M.J.Hiblen

Carrie Fisher homage 2 (1)


Image credit: @kerbyrosanes

Carrie Fisher homage 3 (1)

image credit: @quinniart

Carrie Fisher homage 4 (1)

Image credit: Chloe Christine

Carrie Fisher homage 5 (1)

Image credit: @lukeymcgarry

Carrie Fisher homage 6 (1)


image credit: Andy Marlette

Carrie Fisher homage 7 (1)

Image credit: @todd_ohare

Carrie Fisher homage 8 (1)

Image credit: @invaderwashere

Carrie Fisher homage 9 (1)

Image credit: Felix Hernandez

Carrie Fisher tribute 10 (1)


Image credit: @moishpain

Carrie Fisher tribute 11 (1)

Illustration by James Hance / Image via @fitgirlcarolynfri

Carrie Fisher tribute 12 (1)

Image credit: Carlos Latuff

Carrie Fisher tribute 13 (1)

Image credit: danielkordek 

Carrie Fisher tribute 14 (1)


Carrie Fisher tribute 15 (1)


Image credit: @amandawtwong

Carrie Fisher tribute 16 (1)

Image credit: Alex Bosy

Carrie Fisher tribute 17 (1)

Image credit: Pixel Bloodbath

Carrie Fisher tribute 18 (1)

Image credit: @vadelate

Carrie Fisher tribute 19 (1)

Image credit: Erin Hyde

Carrie Fisher homage 20 (1)

Image credit: The Tomato Garden

Carrie Fisher homage 21 (1)

Image source: @yikesitssam

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. May the force forever be with you.

Source: mymodernmet

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