Are Cherries Healthy? Turns Out They’re Actually Extremely Healthy!

So are cherries healthy or not? When you eat cherries, you enjoy much more than just delicious fruit. Everyone knows about cherries and we all spent plenty of time eating them – we never thought they could be so healthy! Some of the healthy benefits of cherries are antioxidants, they help with weight loss, fight against insomnia and painful joints.

Here are some other facts that answer the question are cherries healthy

Cherries protect against diabetes

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Cherries have a low glycemic index, only 22, unlike grapes whose glycemic index is 46 or plum 39. That is why cherries are a better choice, especially for diabetics.

Improve your dreams

Days are awesome but the night has always been a struggle? Can’t sleep?  No worries, cherry juice comes to the aid. Drink a cup of natural juice from cherries every morning after waking up and after the last evening meal – you will see a huge difference when it comes to sleep afterwards! They are a good source of melatonin and will help you in controlling the sleep cycle.

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Cherries are rich with vitamins A and C

as well as those from group B. Cherries are also rich with potassium therefore beneficial to the body, antioxidants that destroy harmful radicals, excellent and effective for cleansing the organism from all harmful substances.

Some studies have led scientists to conclude that cherries prevent the development of cancer (especially colon) due to the small amounts of amygdalin, also called vitamin B17.


In cool condition cherries are good for eliminating physical and mental exhaustion!

Cherry acids are excellent against bad moods, they simply activate and help organs on the living function. Fresh cherries as well as their juices are recommended for physically weaker and exhausted people.


One study that was carried out at the Northumbria University of British Columbia led scientists to an extraordinary conclusion

athletes marathoners who, after sweeping races, drank cherry juice seemed to be quicker than those who did not drink it.


Phytochemicals found in cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, and this discovery could be important for those who have problems with frequent muscle inflammation or with arthritis. Hope this answered your question are cherries healthy?

Source: EatingwellCare2


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