Amazing Levitating Bonsai Plants Use Magnets To Float In Mid-Air


air bonsai 1

By simply looking at these plants spinning and hovering in mid-air, you would think that there is something magical happening in front of you. Levitation or what we know as the floating and rising up in the air as if defying the laws of gravity is somehow connected to famous magicians and illusionist that impress their audience. But this time, these ‘Air Bonsai‘ use this technique, not just to impress, but to simply add beauty and simplicity to its product.

With the combination of the science of levitation and the exquisite beauty of nature, designed as miniature planter, the technically uses the repelling forces of magnetic energy which makes the real plant levitate and hover, looking as if it really floats in the air.

This miniature planter is made up of two important parts, the energy base made from Japanese ceramic, with its diameter measuring 6 inches and the ‘little star’ moss ball. Both parts have a built-in magnets hidden and the base also includes the AC adapter. This wonderful product can be purchased with the base price of $200 while you can just add $30 to make it a lava stone plant.

This Air bonsai was launched by a team in Kyushu, Japan and is produced through a Kickstarter campaign and will be available for shipment this coming August. More info: Website

air bonsai 2

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Source: MyModernMet



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