Adorable Ceramic Animals Sipping Water Through a Straw To Water Your Plants

Proper caring of plants is not always easy as you have to put your effort, time, and energies on them for them to stay healthy and vibrant. Basically,  you have to water them and keep them nourished. But if you are having a hard time monitoring on when you should water them, you got a problem. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised with a withered plant and you have nothing to do but to throw it away.

With Japan’s latest product named Chuppon Self-Watering Animal Planter, your dilemma with plants will end. This product features different kinds of animal figurines made of ceramics carrying tiny green plants in their backpacks. When these tiny plants become thirsty, these cute creatures will simply drink up the water from the rope placed inside a plastic straw that brings the water to the soil. The water will automatically stop from moving upward once the plant is well-watered.

This ceramic figurines with its knapsack has the pot, soil, seed, and plastic straw and you have many options to choose which animal you prefer. You may choose between a pig, a kitten, a bunny or a panda.

Adorable Ceramic Animals 1

Adorable Ceramic Animals 2

Adorable Ceramic Animals 3

Adorable Ceramic Animals 4

Adorable Ceramic Animals 5

Source: MyModernMet


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