Adorable Beagle Falls In Love With A Huge Gorilla Stuffed Toy


Dog Falls In Love With Stuffed Gorilla 1

Definitely everyone won’t  be surprised of this cute cuddling beagle who basically is fond to be around this huge stuffed Gorilla toy placed by his owner for him to play with. But because of an unexpected response of this pup, it seem obvious that he always wants to be around this stuffed toy and he never wants to be apart from it. It may sound peculiar, but Maymo, the dog undoubtedly fell in love with it already. He looks so happy being around this Gorilla toy as if he found the love of his life. Even his owner is perplexed by the way the dog behaves himself but whose gonna question that kind of a love story. Now the dog is getting an attention everywhere, talking about them for this selfless act of fondness and belonging he found from a non-living object.

Now, my question is, What if that stuffed Gorilla is real and alive? Will he still be fond of him? Will he still fall for him? I dont think so. Nice to know it is just a plain giant gorilla stuffed toy.

Source: Barkpost



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