Abusive Balloons Are Brutally Honest And Will Definitely Bring Down Any Party

abusive balloons feat (1)
Balloons. Such a simple thing we all love right? When we think of or see balloons, the first thing that comes to mind is a party or something good right? Taped around your garden while food is everywhere and everyone around you is celebrating something and the party is on. That’s what you usually see or think in relation to balloons.

On the other hand, lets throw in something fun. These abusive balloons tell it like it really is. They are a depressing reminder that you just got older by one more year or that you finally got that promotion after long fuc**ng 9 years. They’re in your face and they are only in it for a short period of time just enough to make you feel good for a second.

So think about it, unless you’re like 3, balloons are not really fun at all, they do not make or break a party. They are just an illusion put infront of your face to distract you from the truth, you’re old. No balloons will stop that and these abusive balloons are just being honest with you, which is the greatest present anyone can give you if you think about it. You’re welcome.

The bad balloons come with 3 different catch phrases:

1: Fu** me you’re old.

2: Happy fuc**ng whatever

3: This party is shit

The ” happy ” slogans are printed on both sides and in general could bring any party down.

The abusive balloons tell it like it is. Use them to bring any party down by hanging them high for all to see

abusive balloons 2


The brutal balloons come in a pack of 12. 4 of each kind in different colors

abusive balloons 3

Letting your grandma inflate some will be the funniest thing she ever did right?

abusive balloons 4

Guaranteed to deflate

abusive balloons 5

Don’t forget for your next party, these are a must!

abusive balloons


Here’s a video showing the balloons in action:

You can get these on Amazon here