A Video Of Cats With Human Mouths – That’s It

cats with human mouths feat

Two things are going to happen once you watch this video of cats with human mouths: the first choice is that you will have deadly nightmares and the second is you will laugh your ass off! That’s it, there are no more choices so don’t even try. The result will greatly depend on how much you love cats and humor.

This video was created by the popular YouTuber Markiplier to celebrate his channel reaching 10M subscribers. And he says that it’s the dumbest video he could have made.

Markiplier says it took eight hours to make this video of cats with human mouths and by the success of it, i think it’s safe to say it’s a huge success. If you found it to be hilarious. Please share with your friends, and if you’re not a cat person, go on to the next post please.

Source: YouTube