A Man Shows Up To Walmart With An Awesome Sign Hanging From His Neck

man standing with sign walmart feat good (1)

On Dec 14 one of the salvation army’s iconic red kettles was stolen and the city was left in shock, nine days later however a mystery man show’s up to the store and stands in the front door with an awesome sign on his neck. He wasn’t begging for money and not trying to protest anything, so what did the sign say?


The sign was made out of cardboard and the text was writing  in green  and you might have mistaken it for a homeless sign you see every day asking for money or the old familiar ” will work for food ” but no, this well dressed man who obviously has a good life wasn’t asking for money or any charity, he was giving it!

Every one who saw him with his sign would get $5 for Christmas shopping, the man stood in the falling snow just to give out charity to those in need,  YUP, this guy is awesome, when was the last time you did or even saw someone just giving money away to strangers, this is not something you see everyday and it’s nice to see it from time to time. I guess the holiday spirit brings the best of us.

the image above was taken by Sofia Way who saw him and decided to take his picture and post it on her facebook wall and that’s how the story started to spread around, the sign simply reads:

I have a job. I have a car. I have a roof over my head. Do you need $5 ? Merry Christmas!

What an awesome guy! We love you dude and hope to see more of these happening all year long.

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