8 Beer Life Hacks That Need To Exist For College Students Right Now

Because being in college is hard enough, if at least some of these beer life hacks would exist, our life will be so much easier you guys

1: Side shotgun tab

We’ve all been there, you’re at a party and slightly drunk, than some idiot friend of yours dares you to chug a beer down, Peer pressure works like a charm and all of the sudden you are not smart anymore, you pull out your car keys and start stabbing the can until you rip open a hole that you can suck the beer out of, we ask. isn’t there a better way? Sure there is!

Beer Life Hacks 1

2: Wide-lip pong cans

Beer pong is the most popular game to play at parties, you can now even buy ready to play cups and a lot of other accessories that helps you get girls drunk and naked, so why not buy this as well.

Beer Life Hacks 2

3: Edward 40 bands

Wanna play the most stupidest game in the world? Sure you do! So instead of tying napkins or pillows around your arms like you’re going to murder someone, just buy these custom made bands

beer hacks 3

4: Instant Goblet

This is actually a pretty good idea, to your next party bring some of these babies, and then show the guests what a complete tool you are by not drinking beer straight out the bottle like a normal person and instead needs to sip it from a cup like a little girl.

beer hacks 4

5: More-accurate cold indicator

This is really genius! and we mean it this time, a beer can needs to be just in the right temperature to taste delicious, slightly warmer and it tastes like yesterday’s piss, too cold and it’s a brain freeze experience. This should be sold on every can!

beer hacks 5

6: Corkscrew Brews

No likes these pre-mixed drinks or food, let’s face it. Ask yourself this question, we all love PB&J right? but no one ever buys this junk of a jar that contains them both. Everyone loves to buy them seperate and make their own. so this makes sense

beer hacks 6

7: Stackable Cans

This should be an easy way to compete with your drunk friends at the bar, just stack them beer cans and see who can drink the most

Beer Life Hacks 7

8: Instant Box Crown

Are you that guy at a party that thinks he’s the king of beers? Well now you can make yourself a crown to make you think you look cool but really everyone will just laugh at you, not with you, AT YOU

Beer Life Hacks 8

Source: Imgur | Illustrations by CollegeHumor


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