7 Details You May Have Missed in Avengers: Infinity War

Did you watch Infinity War? What did you think of it? Did you leave the cinema with your eyes wet and thinking how you’re going to resist another year before the next Infinity War comes out? Or maybe you didn’t, it and in that case we are warning you that this might pose as a little bit of spoiler. So, read carefully, at your own risk!

—Spoilers below—

The Marvel Universe has been enchanting and thrilling us for more than 10 years now (we can’t believe it’s been that long, right?). With every new movie and character, the whole universe grows more and more complex. With this last Avengers, it is all almost impossible to comprehend and think at once. If you have seen the movie, you probably understand what we mean.

So many big characters, a bigger titan and a death count that can rival with Game of Thrones. You’re probably a little overwhelmed too with all that happened in the movie that some details might have slipped your attention. We’re here to point them out to you!

1. Doctor Strange may be the only one who knows how the Infinity War ends

Before Tony Stark, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange arrive on Titan, the magician tells Tony and Peter that if it comes to choosing between their lives and giving up the time stone, he will never hesitate to sacrifice them both. When it comes to Thanos taking Tony’s life, Doctor Strange chooses to give up the stone in exchange for Iron Man’s life.

We don’t think he did it because he was nice. He didn’t seem to like Tony Stark that much, either, but just before the fight, we see Strange enter some sort of trance in which he sees millions of outcomes to the Infinity War and in only one, the Avengers win. That means Tony Stark will play an important part in the events to come.

Before becoming dust just like half the population of the galaxy, Doctor Strange tells Tony Stark: “This was the only way”, referring, probably, to the only outcome in which they win. Also, before Doctor Strange hands over the stone to Thanos, Thanos tells him he should have used it. But, by the peaceful way he hands over the time stone, he might have used it. Complicated, right?

avengers-infinity-war-doctor strange

2. Thanos bleeds

Tony Stark makes Thanos bleed in an epic battle that proves humans can actually stand up to demigods and titans from another galaxy. Moreover, it seems that Doctor Strange has foreseen this battle between them two and might have let Tony Stark see that he can actually beat the Great Titan.


3. Thanos is a villain with a strong rational behind

Thanos might be one of the best villains out there. He is not just a bad guy who wants to do bad just because. He is a guy who thinks he actually does good for the universe. His rational is simple: kill half the living beings in the universe to give the other half more resources, more space and a better life. He has good intentions in his mind, he wants to bring balance to the universe, kill some for others to live better lives. We think this villain has a very strong rational behind. The character is truly alive.


4. Peter’s death triggered his Spider-Sense

Spider-Man dies in Infinity War. Well, actually, half of the super-heroes die. Don’t worry! They’ll probably come back in some way. But, an interesting thing is that while all the others were quietley going away, Peter Parker tells his father figure, Tony Stark: “I feel funny”, like he’s predicting his sudden demise.


5. Stan Lee – the king of cameos

Stan Lee has created this Marvel universe. He is the man who started drawing these characters a long time ago and his cameos in the movies are just hilarious. This time, we see him as a bus driver, driving the Peter Parker’s school bus and yelling: “What’s the matter with you kids? Haven’t you ever seen a spaceship before?” when faced with an extraterrestrial ship landing in New York.


6. Red Skull has been trapped in a limbo for years

It seems that Red Skull was not dead at all. He was imprisoned in some horrible kind of hell by the Soul Stone itself. That might have been truly painful. Karma is real bitch sometimes.


7. Rocket Raccoon has a passion for prosthetic body parts

Our favourite false rabbit seems to always have a solution for everything. This time, he restores Thor’s eye. He just happens to have an eye that he stole from a pirate and gives it to Thor. How cool is that? Also, he he was giving Winter Soldier’s arm a little bit of a long look. He might have wanted it, too.


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