6 Secrets From Women On How To Smell Good!

Ever passed by an old friend of yours and thought about how awesome she smells? There are various secrets about how to smell good. We reveal – Six secrets of the ladies who simply always smell great!

The first secret on how to smell good is to pick stronger smells

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While citrus fragrances quickly shed, spicy and woody fragrances with notes like sandalwood hold longer on the skin. So if you want the perfume to last longer, select those from the latter group.

Fragrances are applied in layers


From shower gel over body lotion to oil, most of the favorite female fragrances come in various shapes. When you wear more of these smells at once, you create fragrance layers that will be felt throughout the day.

Apply your perfume on the perfect spots


Instead of the wrist, the perfume is applied to the warmer (and often hidden) places on the body, such as the belly and the breast, and behind the knees and ears. Due to the warmth of these body parts, the fragrance will be fully developed and the upper, middle and base notes of perfume will be fully sensed. This is the best tip on how to smell good!

Stop rubbing the place you put your perfume on


Many women are used to rub their wrists on wrists when they apply perfume, but try to get rid of these habits. Rubbing perfume will lose the upper layer of the fragrance, which will only make medium and base layer smelling well, and the fragrance will remain shorter on the skin.

The perfumes are kept in good conditions


Exposure to heat and moisture destroys fragrance molecules in perfume so avoid perfume bottles in the bathroom. It is best to keep them in chilled, dry parts of the house, for example on the upper shelf.

The perfume is applied at least twice during the day

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Your skin is a living body that breathes and can not keep its odor on its own. It is best to have a perfume bottle with you to refresh the scent that you carry on yourself and always smell good. These were our six tips on how to smell good and we hope you found them helpful



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