42 Oddly Satisfying Images That Will Make Everything Right Again

On a scale of 1 to “the perfect gif cycle” I’d give these oddly satisfying images a 15. There’s just something about things that are just in the perfect place.

I’m not OCD and I am by no means an organized person, but looking at these photos even satisfies me. This should be considered art if it’s not already.

Perfection is rare among us humans. We’re just a messy, clumsy, careless race. But I tip my hat to those humans who take the time out of their day to make something this perfect and oddly rewarding.

If you are a perfectionist, however, you’re going to love these images. They’ll give you a sense that all is right with the world. And lately, our world has been a mess. Created by visual artist Adam Hillman who likes to make satisfying colorful patterns from LEGO bricks, brushes and pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

So quiet your mind. Turn off the news. Get off of facebook and stare at these weirdly therapeutic images. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. More info: Instagram

#1 Perfect licorice roll

oddly rewarding 31 (1)

#2 These oddly satisfying organized pencils

widly satisfying (1)

#3 This color scheme

oddly pleasurable 2 (1)

#4 This pile of post it notes

oddly pleasurable 3 (1)

#5 This beautiful leaf art

oddly pleasurable 4 (1)

#6 Cool chewing gum arrangement

oddly pleasurable 5 (1)

#7 This nice color lines

epic pleasurable 6 (1)

#8 Do you see the bread with the ketchup?

oddly pleasurable 7 (1)

#9 This picture of matches inside a phone surrounded in matches is weirdly satisfying

whoa pleasurable 8 (1)

#10 This is corn, and i love it

oddly pleasurable 9 (1)

#11 Gummy bears lined up according to color

oddly cool 10 (1)

#12 Lining the cereal like the background

oddly pleasurable 11 (1)

#13 Nice color mix that will satisfy you

really satisfying 12 (1)

#14 More gummy bears to ease your soul

real satisfying 13 (1)

#15 This paper cut is oddly rewarding

call me satisfying 14 (1)

#16 Forks and toothpicks

hugely satisfying 15 (1)

#17 These pins are oddly delightful

hugely satisfying 16 (1)

#18 This duct tape mix is extremely enjoyable

oddly satisfy 17 (1)

#19 Cutting bananas like this is gratifying

oddly satisfy 18 (1)

#20 Pleasant looking pins

oddly satisfy 19 (1)

#21 Pleasurable Toilet emojis

oddly pleasing 20 (1)

#22 Refreshing M&M’s sorted by color

oddly pleasing 21 (1)

#23 Am i crazy or is this really rewarding?

oddly pleasing 22 (1)

#24 Painting this brush like this must be extremely satisfactory

oddly pleasing 23 (1)

#25 A tower of crayons

oddly pleasing 24 (1)

#26 This picture made my day

oddly pleasing 25 (1)

#27 This bowl of cereal

oddly pleasing 26 (1)

#28 Chew, in many many colors

oddly pleasing 27 (1)

#29 Tiny banana for scale

oddly pleasing 28 (1)

#30 M&M pyramid

oddly pleasing 29 (1)

#31 Jojo jelly bean on a drum

oddly rewarding 30 (1)

#32 Never serve this soup again, i want to eat

oddly rewarding 32 (1)

#33 Tiny cheese

oddly rewarding 33 (1)

#34 amazing piece of bread and jam

oddly rewarding 34 (1)

#35 This must have been a lot of work, but it satisfy me

oddly rewarding 35 (1)

#36 Cutting green onion is strangly satisfying

oddly rewarding 36 (1)

#37 Inspiration candy

oddly rewarding 37 (1)

#38 Lining the cereal in a circle

oddly rewarding 38 (1)

#39 Melting M&M in water

oddly rewarding 39 (1)

#40 Oreo art that is life

oddly rewarding 40 (1)

#41 Lego pieces in color

oddly satisfying 41 (1)

#42 colored cracker

oddly satisfying 42 (1)

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