26 Fascinating Pictures Of The World We Live In

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Here is a gallery of fascinating pictures you don’t see every day. Particular moments caught by skilled photographers with a good equipment – bee in the moment of a sting, volcano eruption, melted glass after a fire, Marlyn Monroe before her acting career, Mahatma Gandy as a lawyer…  They all have something in common – they are fascinating and rare. Take your time to go through this collection of fascinating images and enjoy the scroll!

1. Illegally poached elephant tusks being burned by Kenya authorities.

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2. One boat pulling 145 waterskiers. – how in the world does that work

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3. Just a millisecond after a bee sting. Looks painful

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4. Fly just after the rain. So many drops he probably won’t be able to fly for a while

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5. Volcano eruption covered this temple in Japan with ashes.

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6. Hello… turtle stretching out its neck. OMG it is so cute

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7. Dubai from the bird’s-eye view. They love creating scenes with their marinas

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8. Winter and autumn meet in Colorado…magical.

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9. Looks like a hurricane… a flock of birds actually.

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10. This lawyer happens to be the young Mahatma Gandhi.

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11. Beautiful blue field in Japan. Looks more like a painting

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12. A close up of a Cancer cell

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13. Putting clouds to the sky. Great timing on this fascinating picture

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14. Celebrity shaving…Bulldog Fritz, 1961.

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15. Mercedes Benz F-015 doesn’t need a driver.

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16. Mercedes Benz F-015 inside look like a spaceship on some Sci-Fi movie

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16. Flamingos forming a shape of a flamingo. Awesome!

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17. A Fossilized T-rex teeth

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18. Frozen jeep without the jeep. So cold during the winter time

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19. George Washington’s teeth. A little bit creepy, but historic

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20. Weird fruit Hala. This is my favorite on this fascinating pictures list

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21. Probably a window…melted glass after a fire.

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22. Norma Jeane Mortenson in a Van Nuys factory. She’ll become Marlyn Monroe Shortly after this picture

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23. Selective breeding results

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24. Escape from the city, New York, US

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25. Volcanic eruption, Iceland

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26. Yunnan, China is an incredible place.

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Source: Imgur

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