22 Hilarious Fake Progress Pics People Shared On Social Media

Life can be difficult, very difficult, but you have to deal with it and sometimes, the best way to deal with life is to make fun of it, to make fun of yourself and all that happens to you. These “progress pics” that are raising a sort of enthusiasm on Reddit are doing just that: Making fun of progress that people made.

Why would you do that? Because progress isn’t always happening in the right direction, sometimes it is not happening at all, so, when you paid $500 on FitTea to get fit and didn’t, that’s a chance of making fun of your so-called progress.

More than that, people starting putting pictures of movie stars or singers or political personalities together and showing a different kind of progress. We’ll let you see what we’re talking about.

1. 12 years after leaving his toxic life in Michigan and starting eating healthy and working out

Hilarious Fake Progress Pics 1 (1)

Image source: AbortionGhost

2. Keanu Reeves through the centuries

Hilarious Fake Progress Pics 2 (1)

Image source: NEONCiTiZEN

3. After quitting drugs and sex and finding Jesus

Hilarious Progress Pics 3 (1)

Image source: LeniRiefenstahl

4. Lovable big guy after years of progress became a heartthrob

Hilarious Fake Progress Pics 4 (1)

Image source: OG_Bill_Brasky

5. After hitting the gym for what seemed like an eternity…

Hilarious Progress Pics 5 (1)

Image source: godlesswickedcreep

6. The progress pic to end all progress pics

Hilarious Progress Pics 6 (1)

7. They finally moved out of the apartament

Hilarious Progress Pics 7 (1)

8. Mike Dirnt from Green Day became a politician. How’s that a progress

Hilarious Progress Pics 8 (1)

9. Losing 40 pounds in 6 months is a hell of a progress

Hilarious fail Progress Pics 9 (1)

Image source: RespectMyAuthoriteh

10. How to get make progress with drinking FitTea

Hilarious fail Progress Pics 10 (1)


11. How to go from rich to poor in one week

Hilarious fail Progress Pics 11 (1)

Image source: Demderdemden , ThattBiggie

12. Sid from Toy Story is no longer a bully. He’s in college now

Hilarious fail Progress Pics 12 (1)

13. Manhood progress

Hilarious fail Progress Pics 13 (1)

14. 6 years of progress: from being in prison for theft, robbery and kidnapping the president’s son for ransom to being happily married with kids

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 14 (1)

15. Reddit helped this man achieve his dreams

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 15 (1)

Image source: qqqxfk

16. What it means to drop 90 pounds in no time

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 16 (1)

17. This is Obi Wan Kenobi after giving up heroin

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 17 (1)

Image source: ak47revolver9

18. Germany progress for 13 years looks like this

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 18 (1)

19. 3 Months of healthy eating means a lot

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 19 (1)

Image source: kindnesd99

20. After 18 months of hard work, you can see the progress in getting a little…thinner

Hilarious Fake motivation Pics 20 (1)

Image source: NEWBURNz

21. “After a lifetime of work, this is who I am now”

Hilarious Fake Progress Pics 21 (1)

Image source: TheRoguePrince28

22. 10 months clean. You can see the progress

Hilarious Fake Progress Pics 22 (1)

Image source: philov


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