20 Things That Are So Nope They’re Actually Nope

A bunch of Nopes li li Nope

1: Pizza anyone? Ahhh NOPE!

nope nope nope 1

2: ” please don’t catch the creepy doll, please don’t catch..”

nope nope nope 2

3: Ohh Helll NO!

nope nope nopes 3

4: What the hell is that?

nope npe nope 4

5: OMG

nope nope nopes 5

6: What?

nope nope nope 6

7: He’s actually thinking about it

nope nopes nope 7

8: Godzilla?

nopes nope nope 8

9: Dear god, hold on to life, not a selfie stick

nope nopes nope 9

10: ” Hey, take a picture of me falling to my death “

nope nope nopes 10

11: ” You’re not going anywhere! ” Snake probably

nope nope nope 11

12: NOPE

nope nope nope 12

13: A big bowl of Nope

noped 2

14: I’m just gonna jump in the show-NOPE

noped 3

15: A cup of Spiderjoe

noped 4

16: Best hotel ever!

nopese 5

17: Thanks, Now i can’t sit on the toilet

nopes 6

18: Why? Why? Why?!

nopes 7

19: You wanna play a game?

nope 9

20: Australia? Australia


Source: Imgur


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