20 Concept Photos That Show Society As It Really Is


Concept Photos 1

There are many things on the internet that can put a smile on our faces. We can watch funny videos and laugh hard about it or funny pictures that are quite catchy leaving you puzzled and wondering what’s funny about them. Well, some will quickly notice it while others will take long hours to realize what’s odd with the pictures below. Nonetheless, it’s still funny to think that these pictures are labeled as funny ones since your mind is already set on it.

David Zaitz, a photographer based in Los Angeles created one of these set of pictures that are known as visual jokes with a concept of humor.

Each of the photos below shows a very odd yet funny scene that can be seen only by the keen observant eye. Take a look and see if you could identify the humor. While some are obvious to be seen, some photos will take a while to notice and get the joke.

Concept Photos 2

Concept Photos 3

Concept Photos 4

Concept Photos 5

Concept Photos 6

Concept Photo 7

Concept Photo 8

Concept Photo 9

Concept Photo 10

Concept Photo 11

Concept Photo 12

Concept Photo 13

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Concept Photo 14

Concept Photo 15

Concept Photo 16

Concept Photo 17

Concept Photo 18

Concept Photos 19

Concept Photos 20

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