19 Unconventional Valentine’s Day Cards That Will Definitely Make Her Smile


After you have been married for a while, or even dating for a long time, every year around V Day, Valentine’s day, you start to think about which card you will buy for your significant other, and i’m sure most of you are just sick of the same old Hallmark-style Valentine’s Day cards ( not that there’s anything wrong with them ). So for couples with a little sense of humor or just an unconventional approach to romance, there are good creative cards out there!

Sure, you can say some of these are not romantic at all, but it all depends on the person who receives them don’t you think? Hope this help you decide this year and if you liked them, share with your friends

1: Every day baby

funny valentine cards 1


2: It’s a compliment

funny valentine cards 2

3: And I love you for it

funny valentine cards 3

4: The true sign of love

funny valentine cards 4

5: *Dimming the lights…

funny valentine cards 5


6: Let’s be honest, that’s what most of us do

funny valentine cards 6

7: My favorite

funny valentine cards 7

8: Next time put some more feel into it

funny valentine cards 8

9: True that

funny valentine cards 9


10: True that

funny valentie cards 1 5

11: True that

funny valentie cards 1

12: True that

funny valentie cards 2

13: True that

funny valentie cards 3


14: True that

funny valentie cards 6

15: True that

funny valentie cards 8

16: True that

funny valentie cards 9

17: True that

funny valentie cards 10

18: True that

funny valentie cards 11


19: True that

funny valentie cards 12

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