19 Most Important Milestones for a Cat Owner

Getting a cat is a milestone in itself, but then you get to learn more and more about your pet friend and understand that there are a lot more milestones to master before being able to fully live together with your cat. Does it make any sense? I say you shall scroll down through these pictures and moments and you will see for yourself. The milestones for a cat owner are funny, difficult to master and really energy-draining.

But, hey, a happy and loving cat is something you won’t be able to live without once you get the feeling. Are you ready for these? All of you cat owners out there, could you share some other milestones with us?

1. When you first come to hold your cat’s paw


2. And realize that, as far as life decisions go, having a cat by your side is one of the best


3. Someone comes to visit you and your cat sits in their lap. That’s anger, feeling of despair and extreme jealousy


4. You let your cat see her reflection in the mirror and photograph her reaction


5. And the first nap together is something out of this world, or shall I say “bed”?!


6. Then you find out your cat can nap almost anywhere and in any position


7.  And then, out of the blue, she’s no longer a kitten


8. And hardships hit and you need to take her to the vet for the first time


9. And then you finally start talking her language


10. She loves you, but, you’ve got to give her space


11. And what could be better than the little surprises…


12. You’ve actually got to learn all the places where you could pet her


13. The first time you find her stealing your food


14. Negotiating staying in or going out


15.  When she’s happy because you gave her a big treat


16. The struggle of wearing black as a cat owner will eventually hit you


17.  The moment you realize you named your cat for nothing


18. You realize your cat is deep into your life


19. And, of course, the sink is as good a bed as any


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