18 Pet Beards Pictures To Hopefully Keep This Adorable Trend Alive

pet beards feat (1) (1)

Sorry to disappoint guys, but the lady in the picture below does not have a full white beard, and the picture is also not photoshopped. It’s simply a cat looking up straight up at it’s owner, and it creates the great illusion of a cat beard, or pet beards, and the internet is loving every minute of it.

It is a well known fact that the internet is made out of cats. So now the humans want some of the attention too, and the best way to get it is to take cool photos of yourself with your cat. When an internet trend or meme takes off it’s pretty hard to stop it, sometimes a good meme can last for years before slowly dying out and we think this cat beard trend might just live for a long time. Below you can find a big dump of cat beards or pet beards you can enjoy:


pet beards 1



pet beard illusion 2


pet beards 3


pet beard illusion 4


pet beards 5



pet beards 6


pet beard illusion 7


pet beard illusion 8


pet beard illusion 9



pet beard illusion 10


pet beard illusion 11


pet beards 12


cat beards (1)



cat beards 2 (1)


cat beards 3 (1)


cat beards 4 (1)


cat beards 5 (1)


cat beards 6 (1)

Source: Imgur