17 Year Old Girl With Rare Disease Gets a Christmas Surprise From a Cop


This is Audra Daniloff , she is 17 years old and she has a life-threatening condition called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, also known as HLH. she spent most of the last year in hospitals and coming christmass her dad wanted to treat her with a great gift 

Audra Daniloff

While driving down a Wisconsin street Audra was stopped by a police officer , when she rolled down the window with fear in her eyes the policeman said …

Audra Daniloff

” I got some good news and some bad news for you ok ? The bad news is that i’m giving you two tickets , but they are not the type of tickets you think, one is a plane ticket to New York , the other is a concert ticket for your favorite band ” 

Audra Daniloff

Her favorite band is Timeflies and she got to see them live ! and look at that , she even got a picture to prove it !

Audra Daniloff

Here is the video :

We wish you all the best in the world and only good health from now on 


Your father is the most awesome person in this planet ! 

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