17 Workers Who Should Get a Raise Like Right Now


Well played

1: The employee who arranged these coat hangers just perfectly

17 Workers Who Should Get a Raise 1


2: This flawless bottle arrangement

17 Workers Who Should Get a Raise 2

3: It doesn’t matter if it’s his job or not, the person who did this should get a raise

beautiful job 3

4: The IT guy who put this beautiful thing together

beautiful job 4

5: This hard worker who put these files together

beautiful job 5


6: This perfect book table, built by a genius

beautiful job 6

7: The person who used vegetables to create amazing art

beautiful job 7

8: This is art people

beautiful job 8

9: The amount of effort to put this together is awesome

beautiful job 9


10: The person who stacked all this beer

beautiful job 10

11: The worker who put these bottles together

beautiful job 11

12: And the one who did this

beautiful job 12

13: The one who did these yolks, don’t cook it, it’s too beautiful

beautiful job 13


14: This vale worker who is clearly an artist

beautiful job 14

15: The person who succeeded in making textbooks interesting

beautiful job 15

16: This guy who doesn’t even work there, but should run the place

17 Workers Who Should Get a Raise 16

17: The person who did this

17 Workers Who Should Get a Raise 17

Source: Imgur