17 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices


Dogs are like humans at some point, they are able to empathize with people’s emotions. But dog’s impulsive moves sometimes bring them into a regrettable situation, since they are not able to identify and advancely think of the possible repercussions of their actions.That is why they have to always be properly guided by their owners.

The list of dogs below proves that dogs sometimes, or I must say always are not thinking ahead! Results are hilarious but some are pitiful to see them in those sitiations.

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1. That dog seem to be attracted to the pug, he can’t take his eyes off.hilarious dog fails 1


2. She slept in a wrong place, that’s why.

hilarious dog fails 2

3. I was wrong for putting myself in this situation.

hilarious dog fails 3

4. I don’t know exactly how it happened..

hilarious dog fails 4

5. Shiba Inu gets trapped behind the bush.

hilarious dog fails 5


6. Maybe she is trying to leave Kennel.

hilarious dog fails 6

7. I saw a cat hiding in here.

hilarious dog fails 7

8. Poor me! Can somebody take me outta here?

hilarious dog fails 8

9. Oh no! Not a cool idea!

hilarious dog fails 9


10. I will never let go of this…got few more steps!

hilarious dog fails 10

11. I just woke up having this thing in my body..

hilarious dog fails 11

12. Maxie trying to get some sleep in a hammock.

hilarious dog fails 12

13. Ouch! I didn’t see it coming.

hilarious dog fails 13


14. How long should I stay hanging here?

hilarious dog fails 14

15. I am just trying to catch that stinky cat.

hilarious dog fails 15

16. Somebody help me! It’s cold in here!

hilarious dog fails 16

17. This poor pup has mistakenly eaten a bee.

hilarious dog fails 17

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