17 Bizarre Superstitions You Probably Didn’t Know About

Do you fear Friday the 13th, avoid walking under ladders, or maybe when you find a penny you pick it up? These are all fairly common superstitions and if you see somebody dodging a ladder it’s unlikely that you’ll raise an eyebrow. But, have you ever witnessed somebody tucking in their thumbs as they pass a graveyard? You might have done if you’ve ever visited Japan where the Japanese word for thumb means ‘parent-finger’ so by tucking it under, you are protecting your parents from death.

Around the world there are many superstitions and beliefs, whilst some may be logical, others are plain weird, like in Malaysia where it’s believed that if you sit on a pillow it will cause your bottom to be covered in boils, blisters and sores. Below is a list of the most bizarre superstitions from across the world, from Senegal to the Philippines, we bet that you’ve probably never heard of these before!

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Source: thesolarcentre.co.uk

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