15,000 Years of Art History Cramped in One Single Coffee Mug

Artists have been following us since the beginning of time. As it is weird in many forms that we are probably the only creatures that walk this planet and appreciate art so much.

Most of us might have come at least once in their life to a realization of what art truly is. If you think about it, art is everywhere around us. From the style you decide to dress up as to a color to match the decor of your home to the polka dots on your T-shirt.

When you think about this it totally blows your mind. We have unconsciously created a world that is built relying on art. It is just inside our blood and DNA. I like to divide art into distinctive categories.

The first one is the unconscious art. This is what we see on a daily basis and have built ourselves.

I am talking about the furniture of our homes, the infrastructure of our cities, the way we express ourselves by dressing up, more.

In fact, there is so much more that if you would be able to count them you would never stop again. Then there is conscious art.

This is the art made with the full intention that you are creating something to be able to connect on a spiritual level with others. It can be expressed in different forms as well.

From paintings to photographs to videos that are posted on social media all the way to just a simple mug. 

Brief History Of Art Mug

If you were confused about this and do you not know how a mug can fit in this category well let me explain. It is called the brief history of  art mug.

It is a very unique coffee cup that holds over 15,000 years’ worth of western art history. The mug has a collage that compromises 24 details. 

All of them are part of the most recognizable and famous pieces of art ever known to humankind.

So if you want to add a more artistic taste to your morning routine while you take a sip from your coffee, why not try these brief history of art mug?

This amazing mug offers works of art from Botticelli’s Venus to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Jeff Knoos the Balloon Man, and others. All of these works of art are curated in chronological order.

It is done for your comfort. To make it easier to trace the way western art is evolved. You can do this while you wait on the kitchen counter for your morning coffee to brew. 

Sindy Hoxha

Sindy Hoxha

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