Welcome The Spring Season With These 14 Awesome Flower Phone Case


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Springtime is such a great season of the year where trees and flowers are starting to bud and bloom again after winter. I guess, it’s also a season for people to start doing new things and forget about the mistakes and failures of the past. While you are enjoying the flower blooms and tree leaves that bud, this new trend for your phone will surely find its place in your heart and your pocket as well.

HouseOfBlings creates unique and colorful phone cases where the real flowers pressed and confined within the see-through protective frame were featured. Just to be in right season, the maker turns flowers into beautiful decorations that will absolutely protect your phone from hazards and scratches. Definitely, you’ll never be out of fashion with this on your phone.

It may not look exactly as the real flowers you are seeing from your window pane, but at least the glimpse of the reality is right next to your phone. So might as well enjoy it while it still look so fresh and alive.

More info: etsy | houseofblings

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