13 Facts About Nature That Are Just Plain Shocking

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Nature is full of surprises, some are positive, some are negative, but we love nature no matter what. There are various things and facts about nature that might shock you, but remember – these are all completely ‘normal’ things and we just have to live with it. We bring you 13 super shocking facts about nature that will leave you completely speechless.

1. Your Bed Is Not As Flawless As You Think – OMG this fact about nature just OMFG!

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Next time you lay in your bed, you will have something to think about. These mites can be easily solved by following certain instructions.


2. Cockroaches Do Not Have A Very High Blood Pressure

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Unlike us, cockroaches do not have a high blood pressure, which means they can live without their head for a long time. Ewwww! Bet you didn’t know this nature fact

3. Not Walking Backwards Is A Symbol Of Australia

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Both Kangaroos and Emus cannot walk backwards, pretty fun fact. This is a symbol of Australia always going forward.

4. Elephants Cannot Jump

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Fun facts about nature continues with this: It would be weird if you saw an elephant jump, it might even seem very scary, so there… there is nothing to worry about, elephants cannot jump, never will.

5. Butterflies Taste Things Through Their Feet

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Good thing we do not have to taste our food with our feet, don’t you think?


6. Sex Right On Top Of Your Eyebrows

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This might sound extremely shocking, but really there is nothing to worry about. This is a completely normal living process.

7. Artificial Vanilla Flavor Thanks To A Beaver Bum

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We made sure vanilla does not taste the same anymore after this. We ruined Vanila for you

8. Sand Sharks Eat Embryos

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Eating eachothers embryos is a true sibling rivalry.

9. Spiders Are A Real Threat To Their Prey

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There, you got one more reason to run away from the spiders.


10. Humans Carry Lots Of Bacteria On Their Body

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Yes, we are super dirty creatures according to this nature fact

11. Japanese Hornet Is Super Dangerous

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Awful! This is a big no for everyone, obviously!

12. Mites Can Cause Rosacea

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Mites are everywhere, literally.

13. Leeches have 32 brains

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If i had this much brains, i would rule the world


Want more nature facts? Watch this video:

Which of these shocking facts about nature have you known before? Do you know any that we did not mention?