12 Fun Food Facts You Definitely Don’t Need To Know But Still Want To

All of us definitely enjoy food and tasty snacks. We are all passionate gurus, some less and some more. Food is something we consume on a daily basis and we became real masters at picking the tastiest foods out there. There are various kinds of food that we eat but have no idea how they are made, what are their other usages and why. As for everything else in this world and for food, there are some fun food facts that will completely blow your mind!

Here are some 12 interesting fun food facts that will delight you, and some will leave you in wonder as well.

1. Milk chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter, and the concept was sold to his nephew Henri Nestle. The first of the fun food facts


2. The Pretzels have a characteristic shape that symbolizes the hands covered in prayer.


3. Three quarters of caught fish are eaten, and the remains are used to produce soap, butter, margarine and fertilizers.


4. To make one kilogram of honey, bees need to visit four million flowers, crossing such a distance as if they were flying over the planet four times.


5. After tomato, banana is the most popular fruit in the world.

6 Good Reasons to Eat a Banana Today

6. There are more than 10,000 types of tomatoes.


7. If eaten in large quantities, muscat noodles can cause hallucinations.


8. During the Middle Ages, sugar was a luxury food, up to nine times more expensive than milk.

various types of sugar

9. All 13 minerals needed for life can be found in alcoholic drinks.


10. Apples float because they contain 25% of air.


11. The honey is the only food that will never spoil.

Honeycomb on a wooden surface

12. Peanut is one of the ingredients of dynamite.


Who would say a peanut is part of the dynamite or that bees can fly so much just to make one kilogram of honey – our world is full of interesting and fun food facts but also some confusing things, don’t you think?



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