11 Retro Candy Sweets And How To Really Eat Them

This post will take you back to when you were a child. We used to eat so much retro candy sweets that it’s a shocker we all have teeth. Check out the list below and see if you ate them right or you too just didn’t get it.

1. The Kinder Surprise

The only surprise with this retro candy is the fact you get stuck with little pieces of plastic you have no idea what to do with. They just end up on the floor and you step on them and it hurts really bad.

retro candy 2

2. Retro Candy continues with these cool Candy Sticks

Best part about this candy was to pretend you smoke them. Great marketing team.

vintage candy 3

3. Fab Lollies

The top part is the best one, the middle is just boring and the end red will just stain your pants, we all know this by now.

vintage candy 4

4. Funny Feet Lollies

These actually still exist by the way, everything about this vintage candy is wrong, just horribly horribly wrong.

vintage candy 5

5. Mint Varieties

All the types of mentos we used to love and chew back in the day, maybe even today.

vintage candy 6

6. Candy Necklaces

50% of this candy just ends up on the floor, because when you take a bite only half gets in your mouth

vintage candy 7

7. The 99

This entire thing is a lie, the ice cream is more like cold cream and the price is not similar to the name. Lies all around

vintage candy 8

8. Pez

The old time favorite retro candy, everyone loved these ( still do ) You only got this for the cute animal head right? Admit it

vintage candy 9

9. Pick n Mix

There is so much going on here we can’t write them all. Just browse the image below and feel lucky you had a chance to enjoy some of these.

vintage candy 10

10. Quality Street

I loved every one of these little candies and i will always love them.

retro candy 11

11. The last retro candy you’ve been using wrong is the Sherbet Fountains

Remember how the liquorice always used to stick out the end of the package? Like all the time! What about the germs that got stuck there adding huge flavour, well, just check out the best ways to eat it.

retro candy

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