10 Futuristic Yachts That Are So Luxurious Even Billionaires Think Twice About Getting Them

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There are many symbols of high social status and a huge amount in the bank account. For some, these are expensive cars or jewels, than grandiose houses and estates with a comfortable cottage on a mountain… But there is nothing that underlines someone’s wealthy status as possessing a luxurious yacht, don’t you think so?

In the gallery below is a collection of probably the 10 most luxurious futuristic yachts in the world that every billionaire would love to possess. Check out all of the futuristic looking yachts and read a few lines about every particular yacht that is simply saying – I’m expensive.

Futuristic yachts #1 Project Mars

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Would you like to afford this unordinary, to put it mildly, yacht for a price… let’s take a deep breath… of $161.8 million? Project Mars is certainly a yacht where you can throw great parties for a bunch of millionaires. Read more about it here.


2. Xhibitionist futuristic Yacht

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This extraordinary example of a luxurious yacht is a concept design done by Swedish Studio Gray Design. Read more about it here.

3. Jazz Yacht

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The Jazz Yacht is designed by architect Zaha Hadid. She did a really fantastic job and made this yacht look totally futuristic like it’s part of some Sci-Fi movie. It’s my favorite from the futuristic yachts list. Learn more about it and check out more photos of the interior here.

4. Project Utopia

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Just look at this example – turning the idea of a yacht into an island. How awesome is that?! You can have your private island (if you are a billionaire, of course) wherever you want it, just take a sail. The yacht is really huge (11-stories high and 325-foot wide) and well equipped, so it can be a portable home as well. Read more about here.

5. Streets Of Monaco Yacht

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The Streets of Monaco Yacht is actually based on the city of Monaco and even has a go-kart track modeled on the world-famous Monaco Formula 1 circuit. Check out more about this mega yacht here.


6. Lobanov STAR

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Unbelievable design of this yacht may fool you so you think it’s small. Actually, it has a floor surface of 27,000-square feet and can fit up to 200 people making it more of a small ferry than a yacht. Find out more about this incredible yacht here.

7. Sovereign Awesome Yacht 

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Designed for “Monarchs, Kings, and Queens” … Hmm, the target market is well defined and it says it all. You can learn more about it here.

8. Adastra

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Is Adastra the coolest looking yacht from the list? If you are a Star Wars fan I’m sure the answer is – Yes! Learn more about cool Adastra here.

9. Glass Yacht

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It’s like a modern skyscraper full with business offices right at the middle of the ocean. Learn more about Glass Yacht here.


10. Lobanov Dream

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Just imagine landing at helidrome of Labonov Dream after a busy week…Learn more about this luxurious yacht here.

Which of the futuristic yachts would you like to buy if you were a billionaire? It’s fun to dream right?

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