10 Black Inspired Architecture Designs That Put Black on The Map Again

Black wood is the new black in architecture, nowadays. If you don’t believe us, you can check out these fantastic architectural beauties that tell the story of today’s trends and fashion in terms of building a house that you’d like to live in or maybe, just admire.

Apart from the visible blackened wood, their shapes are something out of the SF movies and their placement and purpose are some of the most unexpected. Would you live in one of these? Check out these Beautiful Watercolor Paintings Of Architecture if you love design.

1. Troll Hus, USA by Mork-Ulnes Architects

five-bedroom ski cabin covered in tar-coated timber and based on a concrete plinth to protect it. It is nicknamed “Troll Hus” because trolls are believed to dwell in the remote mountains

black architecture 2 (1)

2. The Sleeve House, USA, by Actual/Office Architects

A countryside retreat for art-collectors, this building is actually made up of two neste volumes wrapped with black wooden screens. Would you step in?

black architecture 3 (1)

3. Floating sauna by Small Architecture Workshop

You’ll have to travel all the way down to Sweden to see this floating sauna build for a Belgian couple who also own a bed and breakfast hotel in the same forest as this sauna

black architecture 4 (1)

4. Villa SG21, Netherlands, by FillieVerhoeven Architects

This one looks like a barn from the outside and it has “probably the largest sliding door ever made in a residential house in Holland”. Would you live in it?

black architecture 5 (1)

5. Bühelwirt Hotel, Italy, by Pedevilla Architects

It looks like someone played with LEGO and created his imaginative house that got painted in black afterwards and made bigger in order to fit 20 new rooms, a spa and a restaurant. How about that?

black architecture 6 (1)

6. Michigan Lake House, United States, Desai Chia Architecture

Dying ash trees found on site scorched using a traditional Japanese technique called shou sugi ban, are now the blackened timber walls of this cantilevered house on Lake Michigan

black architecture 7 (1)

7. The Muji hut, by Muji

This is a nine-square-metre prefabricated house made entirely from blackened Japanese wood, designed to suit a wide variety of locations

black architecture 8 (1)

8. Treehouse, UK, by Scott Kyson

This is the dream of every child, a playhouse covered in sheets of reflective glass and lined with charred larch

black architecture 9 (1)

9. Allmannajuvet visitor facilities, Norway, by Peter Zumthor

It looks a little bit like out of Game of Thrones, but it isn’t a Northern Wall post, it is black box supported by an encasing wood structure with a corrugated zinc roof top meant to serve as a visitor facility placed on a tourist trail in Norway

black architecture 10 (1)

10. The Garden Studio Gym, UK, by Eastwest Architecture

This is a gym that could convince you to step on its doorway more often due to its incredible design and architecture. It was built by a London homeowner disappointed by the lack of local exercise facilities

black architecture 11 (1)

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