10 Birman Cats Facts That Are Just Super Adorable

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You own a Birman cat? If so, you are a really lucky person because the Birman cats are truly adorable with their silky light fur, lovely eyes, dark-tipped face and their awesome personality. In case you lack information about Birman cats, we bring you 10 very interesting facts about this lovely, exotic looking breed!

1. A Mythical Origin Story Of A Birman Cat

According to the legend, the birman cats breed has a romantic story behind it. A cat that belonged to a dying priest in Burma, transformed into this lovely breed, turned its fur into a golden color and gained the ability to have deep blue eyes.

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2. No One Actually Knows Where This Breed Came From

There are various theories about how and where this breed first arrived, who brought them and how they survived. The Birman cat breed was first recognized in France back in 1920s.

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3. Birman Cats Nearly Went Extinct – But They Made A Comeback

During World War II the Birman cats were not used for breeding. At one point there were only two Birman cats left in the country. The Birman cat did not reach America until the late 1950s. Now, this is the 15th most popular cat in America.

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4. The Birman Cat Is Known Because Of Their Fur And Their Eyes

Birman cats are born white, but as they mature, their fur color changes. The Birman cat’s crowning characteristic are their beautiful blue eyes.

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5. Birman And Himalayan Cats Look Alike

Both breeds, Birman and Himalayan cats have a dark-tipped long fur – some Himalayan cats even have blue eyes too. How to tell the difference then? Birman cats have a pointed nose, Himalayan cat has a flat face. It’s not much, but you can tell this way.

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6. Karl Lagerfeld Owns A Birman Cat Named Choupette

German fashion designer takes his cat everywhere with him, personal jet with two assistants who take care of Choupette. Choupette was the inspiration for the collection of cat themed accessories.

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7. A Birman Cat Requires Minimal Care

The coat of this lovely breed requires nearly no care at all, it does not mat. It is advised that you comb your Birman cat at least once a week though. Easy peasy

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8. Birman Cats Are Very Playful

Unlike many other cat breeds, Birman cats can be taught how to fetch and they will truly love it! This might come as a huge surprise to everyone as we all know usually cats are complete assholes

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9. Birman Cats Are Far Away From Being Antisocial

This breed enjoys being around people and all kinds of pets, it is friendly and always ready for new meetings!

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10. Strange Compulsive Behaviour

Some of the Birman cats have a habit of chewing pretty much all random stuff aside from their food. This is a common trait when it comes to Birman cats.

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Did you know all these facts about Birman cats? Do you currently own a Birman cat? Will you soon become a owner of a Birman cat?! Pass this information along just to stop us from all these weird questions

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