Why Do Dogs Sit On Cats? Didn’t You Always Want To Know

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So why do dogs sit on cats? It’s always been my understanding that cats have a sort of dominance over dogs. They generally don’t like dogs so they swat at them or they run away from them. The swatting usually happens when they’re cornered.

But why do dogs sit on cats? There are videos and pictures of this all over the internet but no real explanation. And they look so happy when they do it and the cat looks so fed up. Maybe they do it because they know how tightly wound cats can be and they think sitting on them helps them relax.

Maybe that’s just how dogs hug. Who are we to say butt hugs are weird? Maybe butt hugs are the only way a dog can show affection for a cat without getting their nose scratched.

However you rationalize it, it’s hilarious. There’s no doubt about that. It’s funny and cute and in a way, the cats probably deserve it. The bottom line is, animals are just plain weird. There are a lot of behaviors that don’t make any sense to us but at least they keep us entertained.

Take a look at these dogs giving cats butt hugs. Or just sitting on them for no reason. We may never know. Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments section.


It is our conclusion that dogs sit on cats for a number of reasons: 1. They want to show dominance, basically if dogs could talk they would say ” i tired of your shit cat, i’m going to sit on you until you stop treating me like crap “

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2. It’s a sign of affection. Butt hugs, like we said earlier, they want to show the cats they love them without the cat scratching their nose all the time, so sitting on them with their big butts is the perfect solution.

why do dogs sit on cats

3. To harm them or protect themself. Some dogs are just fed up with the cat always scratching them and biting them so they want to fight back. Dogs are good animals in nature so they don’t tend to bite quickly. But this form of putting their weight on the cat could be a sign of a cute aggression.

The things we wrote here are not proven in any way. We just share our thoughts are try to provide with reasonable explanations to this weird and adorable fenomenum

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