21 Beautiful Tribal Patterns Tattoo Designs By Brian Gomes

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Tribal tattoos have always been known for being tacky. When you think of a tribal tattoo you think of a generic design, most likely in black. They’re kind of like those tattoos with Chinese lettering. You don’t know what it says. It could say “pass the cheese, please” But most people just get those generic patterns tattoo designs because they think they look cool.
Well, here are some excellent examples of beautiful Amazonian Tribal patterns tattoo designs created by Brian Gomes . They’re inspired by real indigenous patterns. Unlike your classic tacky Tribal tattoos, these tattoos have vibrant color and interwoven lines. They’re symmetrical and a true reflection of South American culture. He draws much of his inspiration from the Peruvian Shipibo–Conibo people to the Brazil-based Huni Kuin clan.
If you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll never get a meaningless tribal tattoo, these tattoos should change your mind. They’re not meaningless. They each have an origin. None of them are just random. Get one of these tattoos for yourself. If anyone asks you what the inspiration for it was, you can tell them it was the beauty of Indigenous culture.
Take a look at these beautiful Tribal tattoos and let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. Brian Gomes beautiful tribal patterns tattoo designs seek to float each person’s soul

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2. The inspiration comes from South America’s indigenous art and it really shows

tribal patterns tattoo designs 2 (1)

3. Unlike most tribal tattoo designs, his work feature lots of color and life

tribal patterns tattoo designs 3 (1)

4. Turning the already eye-catching work to a stunning tattoo design.

tribal tattoo designs 4 (1)

5. In addition to Amazonian art, Brian also incorporates other muses in his work

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6. Some examples are: pointillism, sacred geometry, the mandala symbol, and Islamic art

tribal tattoo designs 6 (1)

7. It’s easy to see that his unique style really sets him apart from other tattoo artists in his field

tribal tattoo designs 7 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 8 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 9 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 10 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 11 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 12 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 13 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 14 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 15 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 16 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 17 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 18 (1)


tribal tattoo designs 19 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 20 (1)


tribal patterns tattoo designs 21 (1)

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