Cute Three Piece Animal Rings That Hug Your Finger When Worn Together

animal rings feat (1)

Here is a piece of something that all girls like – adorable accessories. Especially if you are an animal lover, you’ll fall for these cute animal rings that look like a tiny creature is hugging your finger. Doesn’t get any cuter than this girls.

A Bangkok-based artist Mary Lou is the creator of this adorable jewellery. The animal rings consist of three parts which when put on the finger in a proper order create the illusion of a cute animal holding onto your finger. She’s been creating and selling these rings in her shop in Thailand since 2009. Check out Mary Lou Facebook page for even more three-part animal rings, but also all other available animal-inspired jewellery that she creates (earrings, necklaces, and one-piece animal rings) on the artist’s Etsy shop.

1. Beautiful Fox ring – one ring for the head, one for the paws and one for the tail

animal rings (1)

2. Like sloths? Check out this three pieces of Sloth ring

animal rings 2 (1)

Adorable, right? The Animal Rings are a huge hit

animal rings 3 (1)

3. The Bulldog ring

animal rings 4 (1)

4. The Badger ring

animal rings 5 (1)

5. My favourite – The Owl ring

animal rings 6 (1)

6. The Deer ring

animal rings 7 (1)

7. Oh, look! Is this Grumpy cat? I think so

three piece rings 8 (1)

8. Pink flamingo ring for that unique someone

three piece rings 9 (1)

9. Squirrel ring that looks cute AF

three piece rings 20

10. This cute tiny Snow fox animal ring that makes your life complete

three piece rings 21

11. A golden and white Crane that looks fabulous!

three piece rings 22

12. A Raccoon that won’t stink up the place

three piece rings 23

13. Cheetah ring holding your finger with his claws

three piece rings 24

14. Fox ring riding your finger as if to say ” please pet me “

three piece rings 25

15. For those who love to fly, a Seagull three piece ring

three piece rings 26

16. For the Cat lovers, a cool Siam cat animal ring

three piece rings 27

17. Adorable Zebra three piece ring

animal rings 28

All images courtesy of MaryLouBangkok.

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Source: mental floss

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